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Tipi Island

Island ‘De Kluut’ is situated in the middle of the Veluwemeer, close to the town Harderwijk. The island was created about 70 years ago by raising the remaining sand left after the construction of Flevoland. The island is about 4 hectares large. On the island you can find high trees, reed palms, dense thicket and some open spots with grass and sand. You can take a nice nature walk around the island or relax on one of the beautiful benches to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Different world

On the west side of the island a cozy campsite has been set up. Here you can find tents nessled in among a natural surrounding, with wide open spaces and a fantastic water view.

There is  a large tent with tables, communal kitchen and a cozy sitting area around a wood stove. A large tipi is the place to gather when the weather is less good. In this Tipi Lounge, you will find a social atmosphere to interact with others through games or chatting around the camp fire. There are also books and magazines to read and for children materials to express their creativity. Or you can choose to relax in one of the hammocks.

Of course there is an excellent sanitairy building with 4 hot showers, toilets including paper and sinks. There are also two communal fridges and electricity to charge mobile devices. 

At the head of the island, there is a port containing docking poles, with a capacity for 40 boats. Our ferry sails four times a day to Flevoland from where you can make all kinds of day trips.


  • cozy Tipi Lounge with fire place, games, books and magazines
  • large tent with tables, a communal kitchen and a cozy sitting area around a wood stove
  • swimming area (with airbeds, surfboards to paddle and a canoe)
  • hammocks and surprising relaxing spots throughout the island
  • toilet block with four hot showers, toilets and sinks
  • two common refrigerators
  • electricity to charge mobile devices
  • harbour with space for 40 boats
  • four times a day ferry to Flevoland

sustainable tourism

Sustainable tourism means enjoying your holiday with respect for nature.  Nature and the surrounding water have a calming effect on people. CampSpirit is the place to be, to stay  in the middle of nature for a while. Enjoy the feeling of being far away from the rest of the world.

On the island ‘De Kluut’ guests can get familiar with sustainability because the camping is very economical with energy saving resources. Electricity is generated by solar panels. The water for the showers and toilets comes from its own source and is purified by an ecological system. The cleaning is done with environment-friendly detergents and the waste is separated when collected.