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One with nature and Indian culture

Spending the night in a tipi is the original form of camping. The Tipi is a conical tent which was first used by the Indians living on the prairies of North-America. These tents were originally made of buffalo skins, but nowadays are made of waterproof cotton. A small fire burns in the middle of the Tipi, which ensures sufficient warmth in the tent during the colder times. Opening the special smoke cloths at the top of the Tipi, prevents smoke from staying in the tent while also allowing for a view of the immensely starry sky at night! When it is raining, the smoke cloths can be closed. For extra insulation in the tipi there is an inner cloth mounted to ensure warmth, leaving sufficient ventilation.

The Tipi radiates a peaceful and powerful atmosphere by its unique design. It is entirely made of natural materials. Living in a Tipi, around a central point, gives a very special, safe feeling and at the same time it brings you closer to nature and to the Indian culture.

The tipi is completely furnished with beds, mattresses, pillows, sheets, quilts, lanterns, closets, boxes, a cooker, cold-store box, cooking equipment, a fireplace, wood, a small table. On the island there are two 2-persons Tipis, two 4-persons Tipis and two 6-persons Tipis.

According to the Indians, the floor of the tipi represents Mother Earth, which feeds and protects us. The walls of the tipi are considered as the sky, the Father. The poles are the paths from the earth to the spiritual world, the connection between human and Wakan’ Tanka, the Great Mystery. (Laubin, free translated)