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Comfortable camping

Around a small hill on the island three Sahara tents are built. The Sahara tent is spacious and comfortable with enough headroom and relatively inexpensive.

One tent is arranged for 6 persons and two tents are arranged for 2 persons (which you can also rent for yourself alone). Every tent is fully equipped with ready-made beds and comfortable matrasses, a gas range, cold-store box and cooking equipment. On top of the hill of the Sahara camp has a cosy sitting area been made. Here you can enjoy your meal and the magnificent view at the lake.

The two 2-person Sahara tents and the Gobi tent are standing together and are very suitable to rent by a small group (until 8 people). In that case you have your own, seperated spot on the island, with a lot of privacy. If you are with more people, you could also rent the 6-person Sahara tent. This tent is standing at the other side of the hill.