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A unique tent

The Gobi is a very special tent made in Mongolia as a modern version of the yurt. It was developed for travelling groups and it is easier to carry and quicker to set up.

The colourful Gobi has the characteristic round shape of a yurt and is equipped with various windows. The “hat” at the top is not only decorative, but also provides ventilation. Therefore, it is always pleasant to stay in this spacious tent. The tent has beautiful beige canvas on the inside which creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

The Gobi is situated in a beautiful spot under the trees which keeps it nice and cool in the summer. 


This tent is fully furnished with four made-up beds, a lantern, cupboard, stove, cool box, cooking utensils and eating utensils. Outside you will find a picnic table and wood stove. 

The Gobi tent, the 2-person Bell tent, and a 4-persons Sahara tent are standing together and are very suitable to rent by a small group (until 8 people). In that case you have your own, seperated spot on the island, with a lot of privacy. If you are with more people, you could also rent the 6-person Bell tent. This tent is standing at the other side of the hill.