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Mongolian yurt

A unique experience

The Yurts are traditional tents which descend from the depths of Mongolia, where it is still used.
In the Mongolian language this tent is called ‘Ger’. The Yurt looks very attractive due to the round shape. This strong and weatherproof tent has a wooden side-frame, which is covered with two layers of cotton, in-between a thick layer of felt. Because this tent is well insulated with sufficient ventilation at the same time, the climate is pleasant in this tent, even when it’s extremely warm or cold. The top the Yurt has a translucent dome through which you can see the stars at night. The exceptional support pillars, the numerous wooden roof spokes and the translucent dome give an enchanting feeling. The tent can be heated by a stove.

The Yurt is equipped with beds, sheets, quilts, a stove, closets, seats, cold-store box, gas range and cooking supplies. At the front of the Yurt there is a small terrace on which you can sit outside. On the island there are two Yurts: one for 4 persons and one for 2 persons. The 2 person yurt is painted in the traditional Buddhist colors.


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